Prayer and Worship

At The Heart

At the heart of the Anglican experience of the life of the Risen Christ are prayer and sacramental life. The daily rhythm of the offices of morning and evening prayer, and the regular offering of the Holy Eucharist feed, centre and direct our spiritual life. For a long time, Anglicanism was most recognisable in the use of the Book of Common Prayer, its variations, and its successors. In recent times the practice of Anglicanism has been more diverse (always was diverse and has been stretched a little further). We seek to be true to our great tradition, and loyal to the principles that have shaped us, open to finding new expressions for the eternal truths we have to live out in time and space.

One of the challenges of BCP is it sought to provide liturgy in the language of the people. To continue with that language would be to speak a language nearly as foreign as Vulgate Latin was to the people of the 16th Century.

The Office

The office - morning and evening prayer, is one structured way of approaching a daily prayer routine.

You may like to have your own prayer book, and you will also need a lectionary to have the readings for the day.

If you have a smartphone or iPhone or tablet or iPad, you can get from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store the App - "Common Prayer" from the Church of England. This will give you Morning and evening prayer on the device, with the prayers and readings from the Church of England. Whilst, not precisely the same as the APBA offices and readings it is a very convenient tool for on-the-go people and saves having to deal with multiple books.