Confirmation 2023


23 July 2023, we gathered for the only service in the Parish for the day, to worship the Risen Christ, to celebrate the Feast of Mary Magdalene, and to rejoice in the Confirmation of Four of our members.

Confirming Bishop: Bishop Charlie Murry, Assistant Bishop, Coastal Episcopate.

Confirmees: Lilli Ramplin, Daniel Sylvester, Matilda Sylvester, Soraya Timms.

Bishop Charlie reminded huis how central to the story of the Resurrection of Jesus Mary Magdalene is, and how much it is our part to follow in her footsteps in telling our sisters and brothers that Jesus is Risen for the dead.

The service was a great celebration, of the inclusive family of the Church, and was followed by brunch in the Hall.

We wish Strength and Faith for our new confirmees and for ourselves, as we together continue to shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father.

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